World's Most POISONOUS Plants

World’s Most Poisonous Plant and Flower

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Also known as dumbcane, these plants generally have cells which carry small needle shaped crystals called raphides.

Astropa Belladona.
Known more popularly as the deadly nightshade, the belladonna is plant native to the Eastern hemisphere.

Dracula’s Flower.
With a name like that, this one has to be dangerous right? The name is given to the flower because of its hatred for direct sunshine and because it grows mostly in shaded areas.

Perhaps the most popular poisonous plant in the world, Hemlock is known for being a murder weapon!

Another name for this plant is the wolf’s bane or the leopard’s bane, which was given to it because the ancient greeks used it to kill wolves and leopards.

The nicknames given to this weed should be a warning in itself.

Found mostly in Asian countries, rhododendron is a plant which has really nice and attractive flowers of different colors like pink, violet, red, yellow and white.

This plant is also known as foxglove and dead man’s bells so that should pretty much give you an idea as to how dangerous it is!

Generally considered as one of the most poisonous plant in North America, the cicuta, which is also known as the water hemlock is extremely toxic.

Angel’s Trumpets.
The South Americas are home to many wonders and one of them is the angel’s trumpet.

Golden Rain.
The golden rain is a large shrub found mostly in Europe which has golden yellow, sweet scented flowers!

Giant Hogweed.
This plant was once a native of Asia but has since spread to Europe and North America as well.

White Snakeroot.
Native to North America, these 3 feet tall plants are very dangerous.

Rosary Pea.
The attractive red seeds of the rosary pea can be easily identifies which is a pretty good thing because it is highly toxic and contains a natural poison called abrin.

Found in the coastal regions of Florida, South and central America, the manchineel is possibly one of the 2 most poisonous trees in the world.

Found mostly in south east Asia, the oleander is seen quite commonly in gardens, which is kind of ironic because it is in fact toxic.

Castor Bean Plant.
While all of us have heard about castor oil and its benefits, the plant from which the oil originally comes from is extremely dangerous.

The plant which causes the maximum number of deaths in the world, an estimated 5 million, is definitely the most dangerous plant.